'I met my friend...'

'I met my friend...'


How would you say "I met my friend" or "I got to meet my friend"?

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I met my friend can mean two different things, which are expressed differently in Spanish.

If you were saying, "I met my friend", as in met him/got to know him for the first time, you would use conocer:

Conocí a mi amigo (por primera vez).

If you were saying "I met my friend" as in, I met at the bar for a drink, you would use encontrar:

Encontré con mi amigo (para disfrutar una copa o algo así).

I just noticed that encontrar takes con, not a, when you meet up with someone.

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No, I was also slightly worried if it was a story from long ago, how they first met, but i decided to take the easy opption. - annierats, ENE 8, 2012

Encontré a mi amigo.

This is a suggestion which might activate other people into answering.

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I met my friend:

"me encontré con mi amigo"

I've got to meet my friend:

"tengo que encontrarme/verme con mi amigo"

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I think there's a little ambiguity here. I don't the question is I must meet my friend which your answer suggests, but more along the lines of I managed to meet my friend, or I met my friend. Please correct me if I am wrong. - caza, ENE 8, 2012
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