Hola..Me llamo Teja.. Soy de India pero ahora viviendo en Estados Unidos.

Hola..Me llamo Teja.. Soy de India pero ahora viviendo en Estados Unidos.


Me llamo Teja.. Soy de India pero ahora viviendo en Estados Unidos. Hace ya más de cuatro años que aprendí español ( un poco) pero olvide mas. Quiero aprender otra vez.

It's is soo nice to come across this site? You have no idea how excited I am right now. Hope to learn mucho from here.. And wish to contribute too, in anyway I can. A big big HOLA to everyone in this forum.

BTW how do I 'enable' spanish special characters on my 'normal' keyboard'

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¡Hola! Me llamo David. Soy de los Estados Unidos. Estoy aprendiendo español en la escuela.

The easiest way I have found to type in Spanish is to enable the US-International keyboard in your language settings in the Control Panel. This allows you to type an apostrophe (') and then a letter such as, "e" and will automatically convert it into é. So ' + e = é. This also works with any other vowels and with ñ. However when typing ñ you must use the tilde which is the leftmost button on your row of numbers and symbols (the tilde is the secondary key function so you would have to hit (Shift + ~) to actually get the tilde.) To type actual apostrophes or quotation marks simply press the symbol you want to type, ' or ", and then hit the space bar immediately afterward, which will generate the symbol.

Steps to enable this keyboard layout (For Windows XP):

  1. Click on "Start"
  2. Click on Control Panel
  3. Make sure the Control Panel is in the "Category View" (10 icons)
  4. Click on "Date, Time, Language, and Regional Options"
  5. Click on "Add other languages"
  6. Click on "Details" which should be on the top right side of the popup window
  7. Click on "English (United States)" which is located in the "Installed services" part of the window
  8. Click "Add"
  9. Check the check box next to "Keyboard layout/IME"
  10. Click on the drop-down-menu for "Keyboard layout/IME"and select United States-International
  11. Click "OK"
  12. Click "Apply"
  13. Restart your computer and select the United States-International keyboard and you will be able to type without the distraction of pressing Alt and typing a series a numbers in for every accented letter.


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You can also get the ñ by pressing the Right Alt+n or get " or ' by double clicking the symbol and hitting backspace - 0074b507, MAR 16, 2010

Hola, me llamo Juardo. Soy de Gales. Vivo en Ingles.

alt + 160 = á alt + 130 = é alt + 161 = í alt + 162 = ó alt + 163 = ú alt + 164 = ñ

alt + 168 = ¿

alt + 181 = Á alt + 144 = É

alt + 224 = Ó alt + 233 = Ú alt + 165 = Ñ

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It means she lives in America. - ChamacoMalo, OCT 5, 2009
Ah, tell ewe wo bach, you gorra say soy Galés o soy del País de Gales and tha. Mae hen wlad fy nhadau etc. - afowen, FEB 8, 2011

Hola me llamo edwars y soy de peru, yo kisiera aprender a hablar ingles, alguine que quisiera enseñarme?? gracias, thanks

P.D.: agregenme a_fabian_01@hotmail.com

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¡Oye! Mi nombre es Eric. Soy de los Estados Unidos y vivo en el estado de Tenesí. Bienvenida a los foros de español e inglés aprender. ¡SpanishDict es muy diversión para aprender su idioma nuevo!

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Hola a ti, tambien! Te vas a aprender tanto per tantisimo de este pagina! Estoy de esparar ver lo que te llevas a este pagina tan especial! wink

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Om Nama Shivaya

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Hola teja, bienvenida al forosmile

Mira esto, hay varios hilos en el foro abierto acerca de este tema.

Typing Spanish

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