hayy mi amor tu si ta linda!!


hay mi amor tu si ta linda!!

updated ABR 26, 2008
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The correct writting for this sentence is: "Ay, mi amor, tu si estas linda!"
Hay is "There is" and "There are" in english, but
Ay is an exclamation that means surprise... the same in english.
Some spanish speaker when they talk cutting off some words as "estas" by "ta".
Another examples are: "para el" ... "pa el " or "pal" , " enamorado" ... " enamorao". "para que".."pa que".
It is not a good way to talk, but for people who are learning spanish is good to know this.
This expresion is calling "piropo" that means in english " flattery".
There are more " piropos" from my country:
" Estas mas buena que pararse tarde". "Tanta carne y yo sin dientes"
"Mira pa que te enamores". " Eres mas dulce que la miel". "Si asi llueve que no escampe"
"Estas como las casas de INAVI chiquita pero con todas las comodidades"

Some of them are very funny.
Well, Good luck.

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hay mi amor, tu si heres linda
Oh my love, yes you are pretty

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