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How to say "pick up" in Spanish?


Please help me with different uses of Spanish words for "pick up":

Tell mom to pick me up at school.

Your prescription is ready, please come pick it up.

Pik up your trash!

Go to the pick up window.

Thank you

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Before anyone picks me up on this answer - it is more to show how difficuult it is for both English and Spanish speakers to deal with phrasal verbs.

It is not "my own" work but from a good dictionary.

pick up Phrasal verb

We're waiting until the weather picks up a bit.

Estamos esperando a que el tiempo mejore un poco.

The wind picked up in the night.

El viento sopló más fuerte por la noche.

The new series picks up where the old one left off.

La nueva serie sigue donde se quedó la anterior.

The bus picks up outside the post office.

El autobús tiene parada frente a correos.

I'll pick you up at seven o'clock.

Te recojo a las siete.

He picked up a hitch-hiker.

Recogió a un autoestopista.

Lifeboats picked up all the survivors.

Los botes salvavidas rescataron a todos los supervivientes.

She was picked up by the police and taken for questioning.

La policía la arrestó y se la llevó para interrogarla.

He picked her up at a club.

Se la ligó en una sala de fiestas.

I picked your bag up by mistake.

Cogí tu bolso por equivocación.

Pick me up, Daddy!

Cógeme aúpa, papá!

She picked up the phone and dialled his number.

Cogió el teléfono y marcó su número.

The microphone picks up every sound.

El micrófono capta hasta el menor sonido.

We were able to pick them up on our radio.

Pudimos captarlos en nuestra radio.

We can pick up the tickets an hour before the show starts.

Podemos recoger las entradas una hora antes de que empiece la función.

He picked up a virus at school.

Cogió un virus en el colegio.

We don't want him picking up any bad habits.

No queremos que adquiera malas costumbres.

She picks up languages really easily.

Aprende idiomas con mucha facilidad.

He picked up an interesting piece of news.

Se enteró de una noticia muy interesante.

The early signs of the disease were not picked up.

Los primeros síntomas de la enfermedad no fueron detectados.

He picked up some amazing bargains in the sales.

Consiguió unas gangas estupendas en las rebajas.

The film picked up several awards.

La película ganó varios premios.

We ended up picking up the bill.

A police dog picked up his scent.

Un perro de la policía encontró el olor.

Can I just pick up on the point you made earlier?

¿Puedo retomar el punto que mencionaste antes?

We pick the story up in London, five years later.

La historia se reanuda en Londres cinco años más tarde.

Pick up your room before you go out.

Recoge tu cuarto antes de salir.

She picked herself up and stumbled on.

Se levantó y fue dando tropezones.

We have to pick ourselves up after yesterday's defeat and start again.

Tenemos que recuperarnos después de la derrota de ayer y empezar de nuevo.

He picked up on her feelings of unease.

Se dio cuenta de que se sentía inquieta.

I'd like to pick up on Mr Finlay's point.

Me gustaría volver al punto que hizo el señor Finlay.

If you make a mistake, he always picks you up on it.

Si cometes un error, siempre te lo corrige.

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Have a look at the definitions for recoger, retirar and llevarse, all of which, depending on the context, can be used to mean "pick up."

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Already explained

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Tell mom to pick me up at school.- Dile a mamá que me recoja en la escuela

Your prescription is ready, please come pick it up.- Su receta está preparada, por favor pase a recogerla

Pik up your trash! - Recoge tu basura

Go to the pick up window.- Vaya a la ventanilla de recogida

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