i need help translating a few sentences..


i have a presentation tomorrow, heres the dialog:

1Jordan: wait, i have something stuck in my shoe.
2Aaron: Hurry up, its getting dark.
3Jordan: Ok I'm almost---| OW!
4Aaron: What'? What happened'?
5Jordan: A rattlesnake bit me!
6Aaron: Where did he bite you?
7Jordan: On my butt!
8Aaron: I'm calling 911!
9Aaron: Hello? My friend just got bitten by a rattle snake! What do I do'?
10Jordan: What did he say'?
11Aaron: Hold on... I have to SUCK the poison out!?
12Jordan: Tell me! What did he say!?
13Aaron: He says you're gonna die!

I need help translating lines 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, and 11
please! its due tomorrow!

updated MAR 27, 2008
posted by jordan4

2 Answers


You can check the dictionary for some of the words, just double click the word

updated MAR 27, 2008
posted by motley

Hi JOrdan, why not try yourself first. Especially considering that it's for school!

We will be happy to correct your try.

updated MAR 27, 2008
posted by 00494d19