Un otro uso de 'pegada'?

Un otro uso de 'pegada'?



Mi pregunta es como eso:

en la frase: "me pasaba dos dias con dos noches...pegada al libro"

...que significalo exactamente?

Creo que 'pegar' significa 'to punch' en ingles?


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Pegar can also mean to stick and despegar can mean to unstick. That being said, I spent two days and two nights glued to the book. Glued makes more sense than stuck here in this context.

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"Pegar" is another very interesting word that can mean several things.

For example,

  • Hazlo o te pego (do it or I'll hit you)
  • ¡Qué susto me has pegado! (What a scare you gave me!)
  • Ese sombrero no pega con el abrigo (That hat doesn't match with the coat)
  • Vigila o se pegará el arroz (Watch it or the rice will stick)
  • Pégate al grupo y no te perderás (Stay close to the group and you won't get lost)

Also, "despegar" is used to say:

  • El avión despegó hace dos horas (The plane took off two hours ago)
  • No se despegó de su novia ni un minuto (He didn't leave his girlfriend's side for a minute)
updated OCT 15, 2009
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