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What is flonder filet in Peruvian Spanish?


Hello! Iknow it a fish filet but when I tried to find out which kind of fish it was I got somethig like "platija" and I've never heart of that kind of fish before eather. Maybe it has another name in differents countries. Can anybody hepl me? What I really want to know is where it lives, is it good for baking? Frying? does it lives in the border of the sea (close to the waste) or in the midle of the sea or maybe it's a fish from the river. Thanks

updated ABR 6, 2008
posted by dulce2

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Flounder is a flatfish, like halibut and sole. There are also several other flatfish that are less commonly used as food than those three. Platija is one Spanish name for a flounder. There are many other common names for these fish in Spanish, and they vary from country to country and area to area. Flounders are good to eat, white meat fish, relatively mild in taste, good for frying, baking, and for any other cooking method. They are common near shore and offshore. Halibuts, the biggest of the flatfish, grow up to ten feet long, are found far out in the ocean. Flounders (There are several species of flounders) range from a few inches to two or three feet long and can be caught in shallow or deep water. Some may enter rivers, but mostly only close to the sea. They are sea fish.

updated ABR 26, 2008
posted by gerry2
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