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How do I put accent marks on my computer?


For when I'm sending letters and writing reports etc.

updated Dec 2, 2011
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One of our members, Vikingo, created his own small computer programme for making all the Spanish accented letters, inverted question marks (¿), and inverted exclamation marks (¡) and other characters. I understand the program works on desktop computers. It also works on laptop computers using Windows as an operationg system.


Here is what Vikingo had to say about his programme:


Run this ... . Vikingo's "Spanish.exe" You'll have your characters available within 10 seconds from clicking the link. It doesn't require any slideshows or instructional videos, though there is a help screen that pops up when the program starts. Type your Spanish letters by using the windows key + the letter in question (like win+e for é, or win+q for ¿), or press ctrl+space for a menu where you can choose all kinds of international characters. So ctrl+space and then x will give you ¡.


  Here is the "Windows" key Vikingo refers to. On a windows keyboard, it is located to the left (and sometimes also to the right) of the spacebar. It is the key between " Ctrl" and "Alt".

alt text


I have used it for almost two years. It is simple and easy and I've added it to my startup list so it is seamlessly in place every time I re-start my comouter. Pay attention to the opening prompt which asks if you want to use the shortcut keys. Read over the very brief instructions and perhaps make a note of them for your first couple of times you use them. After that it is a real "piece of cake".

Here are some comments from other users: - Sí, esta es muy bueno y mucho más fácil. - Oblaidon May 13, 2010
- I use it all the time and love it. - Yeser007 Mar 23, 2011
- This program rocks! Thank you, Vikingo. - gableslizard Nov 24, 2010
- Thanks! This is awesome! - 2bksspanish Dec 14, 2010
- Thanks moe. Its very helpful... - Vaanz Jun 24, 2010
- I have spread the word about this program in several threads. Thank you so much! - danrivera Jun 18, 2011

If you want to use this program, remember to 'Save' it to your computer and not to just 'Run' it when the 'File Download' window is opened.


If you wish to look at alternatives, SpanishDict has a reference page with instructions for setting up your keyboard. That reference page is here ----> How to Type Spanish Characters

updated Dec 2, 2011
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posted by Moe
That is the same one I recommend, very easy and convenient. - Yeser007, Nov 24, 2010
This program rocks! Thank you, Vikingo. - gableslizard, Nov 24, 2010
You're welcome :) - Vikingo, Nov 26, 2010

hello, You can use the Search button in Answers . you will find several threads on the subject.

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Thank you, Vikingo, thank you, muchas gracias from a newbie! - allthatjazz, Feb 27, 2011
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