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It lost something in the translation: Coser Y Cantar


I ran across, i.e. read about, this phrase while reading about my favorite equipo baloncesto, basketball team the Los Angeles Lakers, with el espanol, Pau Gasol.

In a game in which the Lakers were far ahead, and only had to "tread water", i.e. wait until the game ended to win, this phrase came up. In English we might say, the Lakers only had to "coast" or "tread water" or that the remainder of the game was "like eating cake."

But Sewing and Singing? I don't think people who sew or sing think that it is so easy to do either.

Any other interesting phrases that are difficult to translate, i.e. in which something gets lost in translation'

updated ABR 8, 2008
posted by Bernard-K

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I like it. "...like child's play."

Idiomatic expressions still have to have some connection to the words, don't they?

One doesn't get anywhere "treading water."
One doesn't have to work hard to "eat cake."
One doesn't have to use much energy to "coast."
And one doesn't have to exert much energy to "leisurely, without worry"ing "coser y cantar."

See what I mean'

updated ABR 8, 2008
posted by Bernard

Holy cow!

updated ABR 7, 2008
posted by Sally
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