Which famous person said these quotes? :)

Which famous person said these quotes? :)


Which famous person is quoted saying the following things?

" Pinto auto retratos porque estoy mucho tempo sola"

"Nunca pinto sueños o pesadillas. Pinto mi propia realidad"

"Mi pintura lleva con ella el mensaje del dolor"

No cheating! angry

The first person to get the right answer gets...well...just the pride of knowing that they got the answer right first. tongue rolleye

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posted by Cardiff1985
Thank you. I, too, had never heard of her. I've spent the last hour looking at her work. - Echoline, JUL 20, 2010

2 Answers


What do you mean no cheating? If you don´t know the answer you have to research the question in order to find out.

Magdalena Del Carmen Frida Kahlo Calderón.

By the way, I had never heard of her before your question. She is better known as Frida Kahlo.

alt text

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correct! :) well done...and you're right too about the no cheating haha- i didnt really think it through :S - Cardiff1985, JUL 20, 2010

Diego Rivera?

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posted by --Mariana--
Nearly right :) but not quite - Cardiff1985, JUL 20, 2010
Diego Rivera was the person in question's husband for a time - Cardiff1985, JUL 20, 2010
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