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Spanish Joke Meaning?


Un policía detiene a un transeúnte y le dice:

 - A ver, usted, deme el nombre.

 - ¡Sí, hombre! ¡Y entonces cómo me llamo? 

My best effort at a translation is:

A policeman detains a passer-by and says to him

Let's see, you, give me your name

Yeah, man. And then what's my name?

I don't know why in line 2 "deme el nombre"is not "deme su nombre" ? The punch line seems to convey that the man does not know his own name since he is saying I would give it to you if I knew what it was?

Is this the joke? - George

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Jaja, I get it! It took me a minute to get that. OK-

The officer said "Give me your name."... The guy says,"Ok, but what will I be called then?" because the officer "took" his name. He would be nameless.

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