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How to type accents and tildes


as a " bambino " to learning spanish how do i type in accent marks as in the name martinez above the t and puertorriqueno above the n ?

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posted by edmathews
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Install Spanish as one of your language in the Control Panel. Then when you use it, you press ' before pressing the vowel and you get an accented vowel.

Pressing ; will give you the ñ directly.

You can even type ¿ and ¡ using "shift" + "+" and just "+" respectively.

As easy as that! =D Have fun

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Hi, Ed. Welcome to the forum.

Here's the Reference Article on the topic.

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I have found the following codes to work for me. They are a little shorter than the ones listed in the reference article and I have been amazed at how quickly I have memorized them.

HOLD ALT and enter codes in the number pad right of keyboard...

Á=0193 É=144 Í=0205 Ó=0211 Ú=0218

á=160 é=130 í=161 ó=162 ú=163 ü=0252

ñ=164 Ñ=165

¿=168 ¡=173

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Hi EdMatthews Welcome to the SpanishDict forum : grin

You use the accented letters/letters with accents that are provided in the rectangular box below That is below the **Answer this question box where you would type in your answer. You use the letter with the accent you need instead of typing in the letter on your computer keyboard.**

eg: Martínez, o Puertoriqueño

Tip: Don't try to type in the ordinary letter and then add the accent here because you will simply end up with two of the same letters on without and one with an accent lol Just use the letters with the accents provided.

I hope that you will have good fun learning grin

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Thanks, Feliz. I always forget that the accent and tilde are at our fingeritps...right there below the text box! - --Mariana--, JUL 20, 2010
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Depending on where you need an accent or what kind of computer you are on, there are many different ways to skin that cat.

If you only need them within Span¡shD!ct, you are home free:

To answer a question, like here, you can use the letters from below the answer box.

The same accented letter bar is also available to you when doing the flashcards and when typing private messages (PMs).

To include accents in ''comments'', you can type your comment in the answer box first and then do a cut and paste to get your properly accented comment posted.

The same technique lets you cut and paste if you want to put an accented anything into the translator or into the phrasebook. smile

Outside of Span¡shD!ct, it takes a little more doing but is still not difficult.

My favorite technique is the Alt Code method because you can use it almost anytime and anywhere. I don't want to download any programs onto a friend's computer or a school computer or at a Kinko's or internet café.

Sorry the Alt codes don't work on a laptop, because they really are the easiest to use. I wrote them on a 3x5 card to keep by my computer but never had it with me in one of those public places so I just open them in a new window if I need one I haven't memorized simply by frequency of use. Hold the Alt key and type 130 to get é, Alt and 162 to get ó.

There is also a simple little program, actually designed by a SD member that may work for you, you just have to load it each time you boot your laptop (or computer). Very easy to use and very quick to download.


Make yourself a note before you click on "yes" to use the shortcuts: the instructions disappear! There aren't that many, but I am trying to remember so many things these days and the old sponge isn't what it used to be!

"Hold down Windows Logo Key and press Q for ¿, x for ¡, a e i n o u y for á é í ñ ó ú ü. Holding down Shift gives capital letters (Á ...)" A sincere thanks to Vikingo!

United States - International Keyboard

If it is your computer and the one you routinely use and you have Windows XP, 7 or Vista you already have the United States - International Keyboard, you just have to 'turn it on' by adding it to your task bar. Windows

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