How do you pronouce these Spanish words?

How do you pronouce these Spanish words?


How do you pronouce these spanish words - broken down such as Here = Aqui = Ah-Kee

Pain = Dolor Sick = Enfermo Dizzy = Mareado Numb = Adormecimiento Pregnant = Embarazada Diabetes = Diabetis Heart Attack = Infarto High Blood = Presión Arterial Pressure Drugs = Drogas Vomit = Vomitar Stroke = Ataque Cerebral Seizure = Convulsión Unconscious = Inconciente Pinch = Here = aqui Hello=oh-lah

updated JUL 20, 2010
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Hello and welcome to the forum.

That's quite a list you have there. Did you know that our dictionary has a feature where you put in the Spanish word and it pronounces it? Just hit the little speaker icon next to the word in the dictionary and you will hear the sound.

Also, I have found a great program that allows you to place in phrases and the computer plays them back for you. In this program I recommend that you use Javier (México) for your interpreter.

Good luck!

updated JUL 20, 2010
posted by --Mariana--
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