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Question about "todo" and "todos"


When do you use todos & todo. I'm a little confuse because they both are plural.

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posted by devitte
I read all the responses, but what if you want to say, "All my clothes and cosmetics" - warzone, FEB 5, 2013
hit the send button before I was finished. Would you say "Toda mi ropa y mis cosmeticos" or "Todas mi ropa y mis cosmeticos" or use "Toda mi ropa y todas mis ...." - warzone, FEB 5, 2013

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Not necessarily plural. Check the dictionary. All day and every day are the perfect examples here.

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posted by Yeser007
Good example! :-) - chaparrito, JUL 21, 2010

I use todo for "all and everything" singular.

Todo el día

Es todo

Un poco de todo

I use todos for plural.

¡Hola, todos!

Todos los días

Todas las personas (todas because it modifys personas, which is feminine)

updated JUL 20, 2010
posted by --Mariana--
Marianne I was unsure about "Hola, todos" which I used a few times on the chats but I guess it's OK because I trust your knowledge. - Yeser007, JUL 20, 2010

todo + verb = every Los veranos todo es diferente. - Every Friday is different.

todo + noun = whole Todo el día hace calor. - Whole day is hot.

todos + verb = everybody Todos/Todas van a cine. - Everybody goes to the movie.

todos + noun = every Todos las días estudiamos español. - We are learning spanish every day.

I hope it helps you! smile

updated JUL 21, 2010
posted by Lilius
Nice summary, but veranos = summers. Viernes = Fridays. - KevinB, JUL 21, 2010
Nice job! Welcome to the forum Lilius! :-) - chaparrito, JUL 21, 2010
todos los días (día is masculine) - 0074b507, JUL 21, 2010
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