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how do I get rid of activity messages


Signing up for membership ruined this site for me. I get half a page of messages now and have to constantly scroll down to do a translation.

I cannot logout either.

updated JUL 20, 2010
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posted by rworange

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I'm very sorry your membership isn't working out. In the top right-hand corner, on the blue top bar, between where it says, "Hola, [your user name]" and "in Español," you should find a link that says "Logout." Clicking on this should make the site go back to looking to you how it did before you joined. I'm a bit confused about your trouble though. Maybe if you could explain it a little differently we could help you better. What page is displaying this half page of messages of which you speak? The dictionary is at the top of all SD pages, so you shouldn't have to scroll down for that, and the automated translators are right in the middle of the homepage. I hope this has helped you.

updated ABR 27, 2017
posted by MacFadden

And to answer your original question, the activities cannot be prevented from displaying.

(except by going to another location on the site like the homepage.)

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posted by 0074b507

I'm sorry you are having problems with your membership. That has not been the experience for most of us. I am sending a message on your behalf to an administrator. Hopefully, this problem can be resolved and you will be able to enjoy the features of this site again.

Nicole Bailey

updated JUL 19, 2010
posted by Nicole-B
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