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translate "to put away"


as in, "I put away the flour"

also to keep, as in, "Keep your keys with you at all times"

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Guardar is the verb you are looking for as it can mean both

Put away or Keep

guarda (informal command form)

guarde (formal - more polite form)


guardar a vt 1 [+objetos] 1.1 (=meter) (en un lugar) to put , (en su sitio) to put away lo guardó en el bolsillo he put it in his pocket no sé dónde he guardado el bolso I don't know where I've put the bag si no vas a jugar más, guarda los juguetes if you're not going to play any more, put the toys away guardó los documentos en el cajón he put the documents away in the drawer 1.2 (=conservar) to keep guardaba el dinero en una caja de seguridad she kept the money in a safe no tira nunca nada, todo lo guarda he never throws anything away, he hangs on to o keeps everything guarda tú las entradas del concierto you hold on to o keep the concert tickets el grano que se guarda en el almacén the grain that is stored in the warehouse

updated JUL 20, 2010
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