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I wish there was a format that would allow us to submit a document already typed and have the entire document translated then given the option to simply hit print. At the current rate we have to type in everything needing translated THAN write by hand the translation(s)down, which for someone handicapped is not easy. Do you have such an option that being new I'm unaware of? If not, do you forsee such a suggestion becoming an option in the near future? Thank you.

updated JUL 19, 2010
posted by MonkeyBoy2
Then* and, you can always try to copy and paste things into the translator instead of writing them down. Also, I don't think anyone trying to translate something should just put it into a computer and leave it. It will almost never be 100% accurate for... - megan5, JUL 19, 2010
...larger works. - megan5, JUL 19, 2010
I'm sorry, I totally forgot to welcome you to the forum. Please forgive me, I have a personal vendetta out again computer generated translations.... Welcome to SpanishDict! Ā”Bienvenidos!. :) - megan5, JUL 19, 2010
You must have been watching "Star Trek". Roll on the days of intergalactical voice translations. - Eddy, JUL 19, 2010

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Hello Monkey, welcome to the Forum.

SpanishDict is a learning site, not a translation service.

There are commercial applications that purport to do what you ask - I suggest a Google search for "translation software".

As Megan correctly states, though, even the best of such applications is only able to give approximate results that always must be checked by someone competent in the target language.

The current state of the art in Artificial Intelligence is still very, very far away from the skills and intuition required to adequately interpret text.

updated JUL 19, 2010
posted by Gekkosan

Hi, MonkeyBoy. Welcome to the forum.

You'll probably be better off hiring a professional translator for your larger texts.

This is a learning site where we learn and discuss Spanish -- the site is not set up to provide translations for documents.

updated JUL 19, 2010
posted by --Mariana--
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