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Spanish Composition Proof Reading Needed


Hey there,

I'm supposed to write a 10 sentence paragraph about what I do each day (in general; im not so boring that I do these things each day without fail, cross my heart). Anyway, 5 of the verbs must be reflexive. Please check to see that the following is correct:

"Todos los días haigo muchas cosas. Me despierto a las seis o siete de la mañana. Primero, me desayuno. Siguente me visto y me maquillo. Entonces voy estudiar en mis clases de psicología y de español. Después de mis clases, como un almuerzo tarde. En casa, me relajo. Hablo con mis amigos. Navego por Internet. De la noche, me acuesto."

Gracias :]

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posted by msdanibeach

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Here's a few suggestions smile But I'm sure some native speakers will pass by with some others.

Todos los días hago muchas cosas. Me despierto a las seis o las siete de la mañana.

Primero desayuno. (desayunar is not reflexive - you're not doing it to yourself, maybe if you had yourself for breakfast you would need to make it reflexive lol smile)

Edit I'll leave the following to show my mistake but please note QFreed's comment below - you're quite right me visto = I dress myself

Siguiente me visto?? Did you want to say 'I look at myself' here? Perhaps you could put: me miro al espejo, I look at myself in the mirror

Instead of 'entonces' I would use 'luego' but that may just be personal preference smile

  • instead of 'voy a estudiar' I am going to study' you could also use 'salgo a' I go out to ...

Did you know that there is actually a verb 'to eat lunch'? Almorzar so 'almuerzo' means 'I eat lunch' smile - just as a little shortcut.

Well that's a few things I noticed, hope that helps smile

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me visto=I get dressed - 0074b507, JUL 19, 2010
Ah dopey me :( Thanx Q - I couldn't see past the past participle obviously lol - Kiwi-Girl, JUL 19, 2010

I thought this might be helpful for you

You could also say/write:

Suelo levantarme* a las siete de la mañana

= I usually get up at 7 o' clock every morning if that is a regular time you get up or substitute: despetarme = to wake up in place of the verb above if that is the usual time you wake up

Suelo comes from the verb Solar = to be accustomed, to be in the habit of doing..(something) so you could use this verb for any regular habit of activity you are accustomed to doing...

I hope that this helps grin

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So.. I could say Suelo despetarme a las siete de la mañana? - msdanibeach, JUL 19, 2010
What kind of verb is despertarme? Is it reflexive? I'm in the process of learning reflexive verbs, but we are learning that reflexive verbs have the endings -arse, -erse, and -irse. Is despertarme another way to say me despierto? Or is it the form... - msdanibeach, JUL 19, 2010
... you use after a conjugated verb (in this case, suelo)? - msdanibeach, JUL 19, 2010
The "se" after despertar becomes "me" when you are talking about yourself. "Suelo despertarme a las 9." I usually wake up at 9. - --Mariana--, JUL 19, 2010
Yes, "despertarse" is a reflexive verb. - --Mariana--, JUL 19, 2010
Thank you Marianne :) - FELIZ77, JUL 19, 2010
Msdani beach sorry I should have explained that yes despartse is the reflexive verb but you can conjugate it by putting the me personal pronoun on the end - FELIZ77, JUL 19, 2010
or conjugate it by saying 'me despierto' = I wake up (lit I wake myself up) - FELIZ77, JUL 19, 2010


(De des- y ayunar).

  • intr. Tomar el desayuno. U. t. c. tr. y c. prnl. (see below)
  • prnl. Tener la primera noticia de un suceso o un acontecimiento que se ignoraba. Era u. t. c. tr.

Real Academia Española © Todos los derechos reservados

U. t. c. tr. y c. prnl.

usado también como transitivo y como pronominal.

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  1. I'm not really sure why I put haigo. Haha.
  2. I looked on SpanishDict's reference on reflexive verbs here: http://www.spanishdict.com/answers/100021/reflexive-verbs, and they listed "to eat breakfast" as a reflexive verb -- desayunarse. So I guess that's why I put that. Is that a mistake on that page? Also, should I add more detail to that sentence to indicate it's the verb and not the noun for breakfast?
  3. I was trying to use siguiente as "next" but I think I'll just take that out. I don't need trasition words, I was just trying to make it more chronological. If anything, I'll just place a "luego" in there.
  4. So, would "Después de mis clases, almuerzo." be correct?

Thank you so much for taking the time to give me some pointers!

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posted by msdanibeach
well if you jhave conjugated 'desayunarse' correctly it should be obvious that it is the verb form rather than the noun - FELIZ77, JUL 19, 2010

Hola Por alli,

Tengo que escribir un parágrafo de 10 oraciones que diga lo que hago normalmente en el día (por lo general; no soy tan aburrida que hago todas estas cosas cada días sin falla, lo juro). De todas maneras, 5 de los verbos tienen que ser reflexivos. Por favor cheque y mire si lo que escribi abajo esta correcto.

Me llamo msdanibeach.Y,todos los días hago muchas cosas. Me despierto a las seis o siete de la mañana. Primero desayuno. Segundo me visto y maquillo. Después voy a mis clases de psicología y de español. Después de esto, almuerzo tarde. Llego a casa y descanso. Hablo con mis amigos. Navego la Internet en la noche me acuesto y me quedo dormida.

Agradezco su ayuda.

A verb is reflexive when the subject and the object are the same.

Not reflexive ...desayuno......almuerzo

reflexive........me visto y me maquillo....me acuesto......me quedo dormida. I was unable to use breakfast and as a reflexive noun. So I am suggesting you use your name at the begining of the paragraph. Me llamo msdanibeach. The subjectis me,verb is llamo and the subject is msdanibeach, that way you have 5 reflexive verbs. Note, this exercise was hard,since I did not know a reflexive verb from a hole in the ground.

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yes but you can say desayunarse = to breakfast (reflexive) - FELIZ77, JUL 19, 2010
¿Me desayunarse? ¿ Me desayune¿El sedesayuno? I don't know about your verbs. - viajero, JUL 19, 2010
I am not grammarian but I -for one- would say, Ya desayune. o Voy a desayunar o desayunare alguna mañana. - viajero, JUL 19, 2010
No translation found for 'desayunarme'. - viajero, JUL 19, 2010
No translation found for 'desayunarse'. - viajero, JUL 19, 2010
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