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What is "quedar con alguien"?


What is "quedar con alguien"? stay home with someone?

updated JUL 18, 2010
posted by Eri-Chan

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"quedar con alguien" =

"to be with someone" or "to stay with someone" or, romantically, to "remain with someone"

also, very commonly, "quedar con alguien" means

"to agree with someone"

in the sense of making an agreement.

updated JUL 18, 2010
edited by Martin-Rizzi
posted by Martin-Rizzi
i am not familiar with the first option, vote for the second one. - Gekkosan, JUL 18, 2010

Hi eri-chan

It would be nice to know where you heard this word and from which country.

Just to throw a spanner into the works and talking about Spain, "quedarse con alguien" can have the following meanings,

To con somebody

To take the mickey out of somebody

To pull someone's leg

¿Te estás quedando conmigo? - Are you trying to kid me?

However, "quedar con alguien" can be used for "To meet somebody"

¿Quedamos con ella en la parada? - Shall we meet her at the bus stop?

updated JUL 18, 2010
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posted by Eddy
indeed! ;) - 00494d19, JUL 18, 2010
¡Cómo se complican en España! :-D No conocía las opciones de engañar o tomarle el pelo a alguien. - Gekkosan, JUL 18, 2010

Wait can someone elaborate on the "to agree with someone" meaning? Is it like this: Quedo con Maria = I agree with Maria. and Me quedo con Maria = I will remain with Maria. Thanks.

updated JUL 21, 2010
posted by jeezzle
Quedé con Jeezle que lo buscaría a las 9 - Jeezle and I agreed that I'd pick him up at 9. - Gekkosan, JUL 18, 2010

I always thought it meant "to meet someone" (used mainly in Spain) eg.

Quiere quedar conmigo - He/she want to meet me.

Quiere quedarse conmigo - He/she want to stay with me.

.....but after reading the previous relies I'm having doubts.

Can someone check this please?

updated JUL 18, 2010
posted by patch

quedarse in mexican usage

does meen to agree with someone

for example, the time of an appointment

updated JUL 18, 2010
posted by Martin-Rizzi
martin, can you give an exampple, this is very unclear - 00494d19, JUL 18, 2010
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