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If feminine nouns that begin with 'a' or 'ha', then we should change the article to el. Then why is it still la habilidad? I am so confused. I read the question people asked about this on here but I still can't understand?

updated JUL 18, 2010
posted by KaylaMeow

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We only use el with femenine nouns when the stress is on the initial "a" or "ha". The stress in habilidad is on the last syllable, not the first, so no change.

updated JUL 18, 2010
edited by KevinB
posted by KevinB
Sorry but how can i know where is it stressed? There is no sign - KaylaMeow, JUL 18, 2010
The rule in Spanish is that the stress is on the last syllable if the word ends in a consonant other than "n" or "s". Otherwise it's on the next to the last syllable. Unless there's an accent mark, then you stress that syllable. - KevinB, JUL 18, 2010
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