I am watching Spanish shows

I am watching Spanish shows


ok im not spanish at all and i watch spanish shows and stuff and listen to spanish music and im learning spanish on this website when do you thick i will be able to now all spanish words

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posted by channe24
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You are on the right track by watching TV and studying. It takes a few years of constant exposure to a language to become proficient and almost all of that comes from your desire to learn the language and how much time you put into learning it.

When do you thiink I will be able to know all Spanish words?

You will probably never know all Spanish words, just as you probably will never know all English words. But after a few years of studying vocabulary, reading the newspapers, watching TV, and talking to natives you can possess quite a large vocabulary.

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Welcome to the forum,

I agree with Marianne. It might be a good idea to focus on smaller goals rather than worrying about knowing all words. I speak English, but do not know every single English word.

Just take your time and enjoy the process. smile

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