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Wedding Stories: Interesting, funny, crazy, poignant, etc...


We are now in the final weeks of preparing for my son's wedding. To say I am overwhelmed by all of the details is an understatement. When did weddings become so complicated and focused on the smallest minutia of detail? gulp rolleyes

I was married at 18 and had a reception in the backyard of my mother-in-law's Philadelphia row home. The menu was pot luck from all of the Italian relatives.

Although my wedding was simple, I have been to many other weddings and been involved in the music aspect of even more. To me, it seems that as time goes by, weddings are becoming more and more over-the-top. But that is just my opinion. wink

I am interested to know what kind of wedding you had or want to have. What was the most ridiculous wedding you have ever attended? Any interesting or funny wedding stories would be appreciated. Perhaps hearing of the experiences of others will help me to put my son's wedding into perspective.

Muchisimas gracias. smile alt text

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posted by Nicole-B
Haha, great sign in the picture. - MacFadden, JUL 17, 2010
Jajaja! - --Mariana--, JUL 18, 2010
jejeje - Vaanz, JUL 18, 2010
Not a marriage made in heaven then? - lagartijaverde, JUL 18, 2010
I cannot stop laughing!:) :)! - Brynleigh, JUL 18, 2010
poor john - nizhoni1, JUL 19, 2010
qué bonito el hilo, nicki:) - 00494d19, JUL 21, 2010

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Nicole said

When did weddings become so complicated and focused on the smallest minutia of detail?

The moment you started worrying about trying to please everybody. All you should be concerned about is the bride and bridegroom. After all, it´s their day, isn´t it.

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posted by Eddy
I agree Eddy!! I am not the mother of the bride, so I don't have as much say. I'm just going along with the program...hence the stress. - Nicole-B, JUL 17, 2010
I am encouraging my two daughters to elope. jejeje!! - Nicole-B, JUL 17, 2010
Yes, Eddy well said!!! It is teh Bride and Groom's special day trying to please everyone is as crazy as taking the motehr in law on the honeymoon and expecting to have an exciting time lol ;-P %-P :-) - FELIZ77, JUL 17, 2010
Correction: mother in law - FELIZ77, JUL 17, 2010
Hi Nicole, my response may have appeared a slice abrupt but it wasn't maent to be, hehe. - Eddy, JUL 18, 2010
I know Eddy. You are nothing, if not a gentleman!!! :) - Nicole-B, JUL 18, 2010

My wedding, three years ago, was a simple Sunday Brunch with 40 guests. Everything was perfect...even the weather. It was truly one of the happiest days of my life.

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beautiful pictures, Marianne - swing, JUL 18, 2010
Wow, so lovely, thank you for sharing!!!! - margaretbl, JUL 18, 2010
absolutely beautiful...you look radiant.... - Echoline, JUL 18, 2010
Va Va Va Voom! :) - 002262dd, JUL 18, 2010
Great pics Marianne. What a beautiful family! - Nicole-B, JUL 18, 2010
How nice!!! - sanlee, JUL 18, 2010
Thank you, Eveyone! - --Mariana--, JUL 19, 2010
wow, sexy lady, hehehe - Eddy, JUL 19, 2010

When my brother got married a few years ago, one of the bridesmaid's bouquet caught on fire during the ceremony when she got a little too close to a candle. Our mother jumped out of her seat, grabbed the bouquet, threw it onto the floor, jumped up and down on it until it was extinguished, bent down to retrieve the still smoking bouquet, thrust it into the bridesmaid's hands, and then calmly returned to her seat. The ceremony then proceeded without further incident.

I hope that you don't have to perform the same service during your son's wedding!

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posted by alice_m
I hope not too!! Very funny!! - Nicole-B, JUL 18, 2010

I wanted to elope but when I told my mom she threw a fit. I was a bridezilla the opposite way. They did everything, I just picked the dress...

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posted by LuisaGomezBartle
You sound a lot like me! :) - Nicole-B, JUL 17, 2010
Luisa, well I hope you picked the Groom lol hahaha - FELIZ77, JUL 17, 2010
Ha ha ha... I did. Wouldn't let anyone do that for me... - LuisaGomezBartle, JUL 17, 2010
I think you were very unusual! (being the opposite way!) - margaretbl, JUL 18, 2010

Congratulations on your son's upcoming wedding. I absolutely love attending weddings. I think it is because it is a new beginning and there is so much joy! Keeping a sense of humor about things really helps reduce the stress when planning a wedding. That's a great photo!

Guns, Wedding Gowns, Cold Beer! Everything you need for a shotgun wedding. Pictures, Images and Photos Keep Smiling!

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Thanks Bryn. Very funny sign! - Nicole-B, JUL 18, 2010

By request, my daughter's pets who are now mine have requested their photographs be entered here. alt text

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Beautiful photo!!! - --Mariana--, JUL 18, 2010
Another beautiful family! Your daughter looks just like you! - Nicole-B, JUL 18, 2010

This is one of the craziest things that we ever did. smile

There is a particular mahal(Wedding hall) in my city where the food will be so good always(They have their own chef). Its the most costliest mahal (4lakhs per day) and very royal too and i never got a chance to attend any wedding there. My friend and I prepared a gift box with some of our old clothes and we went to that Mahal in sarees. We dont know both the bride and the groom. Since the we were of the bride's age, the people thought that we are the bride's friends and they treated us well.(Our wedding will have around 500 guests) We gave the gift to the couple and had a very nice dinner smile . But we didn't enjoy much. :( We had the fear of getting caught all the time. But once we came out of that mahal we had a good laugh... We always have a good laugh whenever, we think about it.


Generally our weddings will have lots of rituals and lots of pujas. We will have three different functions before marriage. First is 'Pen paarpu', where the guy and the girl officially meet. Second is 'Opputhambalam', when the bride's family and the groom's family accepts the marriage. Then the bride's family go to the girl's house to have a feast and vice versa. Then 'Nichaiyardatham' (Engagement) where the rings will be exchanged and the marriage date will be fixed and announced. Then finally the marriage. And after marriage the couple should go to each and every relative home and should have a feast. One month after marriage, both of them will be in some gym trying to reduce weight, which mostly will never workout. wink


I want to get married in 'Ross Island' in Andaman Islands... My granny was born and grew up there. Once a seat of British power, it now stands as a ruin of bygone days. But still i'm in love with that island. I know my parents will never accept but still i have some hope. smile If i'm not getting married there, then i'll have my honeymoon there. Lets see what happens next year. wink

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posted by Vaanz
Such an interesting story. And do you think that you will get married next year? Is that your idea? - margaretbl, JUL 18, 2010
Yeah... My parents have started searching a guy for me.. So most probably, next year, i'll tie a knot. - Vaanz, JUL 18, 2010
What a great story! We have a move in the U.S. called "The Wedding Crashers". Your story reminds me of this. - Nicole-B, JUL 18, 2010

Vaanz has described marriage in India here:

First is 'Pen paarpu', where the guy and the girl officially meet. Second is 'Opputhambalam', when the bride's family and the groom's family accepts the marriage.

Thank you so much for sharing this Vaanz. I love hearing about the cultures and customs of people from other countries. The idea of not knowing our spouses until we meet them is so foreign to us. I don't know the statistics on this, but since so many of our marriages don't work out, maybe it isn't such a bad idea for the parents to choose for us.

I'm sure this will never happen, but it is an interesting thought to me.

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posted by Nicole-B
These days many people prefer love marriage than arranged. If parents don't accept, they elope :) But here arranged marriage work much better than love marriage. :) - Vaanz, JUL 22, 2010

Wedding advice.

By all means, marry. If you get a good wife, you'll become happy; if you get a bad one, you'll become a philosopher. - Socrates

I was married by a judge. I should have asked for a jury. - Groucho Marx

cool grin

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In my first wedding I was young and stupid and in love. The bride's family went all out - country club, band, champagne, tuxedos - had to be half high to get through it. The day after the wedding my bride became a different person. You would have to experience it to believe it - even today I can not believe the overnight change. That marriage lasted four years and looking back it would be a lot shorter (or non-existent) if I had it to do again.

My second wedding took place in the court house by the probate judge and nobody knew about it. Much better and still going well.

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posted by 00d7cd75
I am sorry to hear about your first experience, but very glad that things are working out now. - Nicole-B, JUL 18, 2010

En mi boda viente y seis años atras, estaba en la línea de recepción al lado de mi hermano mayor, cuando ví a la abuela de mi esposa acercandonos en la línea. Le dije a mi hermano, " aqui viene la abuela de Ellen, hagala una bienvenida especial!" Cuando me alcanzó a mi, la abrazé tan fuerte, que se le cayó la peluca al suelo! Que vergüenza! Me moví tan de prisa en recogerla que poca gente se habían dado cuenta de lo que sucediera! Todavía evito el sujeto en conversación familiar!

In my wedding some twenty six years ago, I was in the reception line next to my brother when I saw my bride's grandmother approaching. I said to my brother, " here comes Ellen's grandmother, let's make a big deal over her!" I embraced her so hard that her wig fell to the ground. I moved so fast to recover it that few people noticed. I still avoid the subject in family conversations!

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You must have a kind family. Our family would repeat that story mercilessly at every family gathering. jeje - Nicole-B, JUL 18, 2010

Here is a great wedding story.

Half the men

were drunk out of their minds

But only half.


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posted by Martin-Rizzi
Very interesting story Martin. Thanks for sharing. It reminds me of growing up with Mayflower processions, the May Queen, etc. in honor of Mary. - Nicole-B, JUL 18, 2010

Oh.. I forgot the main thing

Congratulations on your son's wedding!!!

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posted by Vaanz
Muchas gracias Vaanz. :) - Nicole-B, JUL 18, 2010

Matrimony Proposal

Manolo: Siéntate aquí, descansa un rato; pareces cansada

Manolo: Sit here, rest for a bit; you look a little tired

Azucena: (riéndose) no estoy cansada, no, para nada Manolo.

Azucena: (laughing) I am not tired, not tired at all Manolo.

Manolo: ¿Bien, de todos modos, siéntate, adónde te vas? descansemos y hablemos, tu y yo, hasta la hora de la cena.

Manolo: Well anyway sit down, where are you going? lets rest and talk, you and me, until the dinner hour.

Azucena (se sienta con gracia y simplicidad; ella mira hacia el sin reproche, sin nada)

Azucena (sits down with good grace and simplicity; looking up at him without reproach, without anything)

Manolo: Sabes que te amo Azucena te lo he dicho muchas veces; mi familia te quiere, también - realmente es así; tu lo sabes.

Manolo: You know I love you Azucena I've told you many times; my family cares for you, too - they really do; you know that.

Manolo: He estado pensando que debemos casarnos; Yo no quiero a nadie mas que a ti, estoy seguro que nunca voy a querer a otra.

Manolo: I have been thinking that you and I should be marríed; I don't want anyone but you and I am certain that I never will.

Azucena lo escucha con una mirada dulce y simple en su cara; sus comentarios tan dulces, ella podría comer y comer y comer.

Azucena listens to him with a sweet and simple look on her face; his comments were to her like delicious candy that she is eating.

Manolo: ¡Tendremos una boda grande, ceremonia con vestido blanco; mis primos de México, D.F. y sus familias van a venir, de seguro!

Manolo: We'll have a big wedding party and a white dress ceremony; my cousins from Mexico City and their families will come, surely!

Manolo: Oh Azu me haces sentir tan desvalido y al mismo tiempo orgulloso; el destino me ha llevado a conocerte eres lo único que valoro en la vida

Manolo: Oh Azu it makes me feel so helpless and at the same time proud; that fate has brought me to know you is the only thing in life I value.

Azucena escucha su discurso, y parece como si ella no va a decir nada, absorbiendo sus rayos de amor poniéndose todavía más hermosa.

Azucena listens to his speech, and it seems as if she is not going to say anything absorbing his rays of love becoming more beautiful.

Manolo: Oh Azu Azu por favor no me mates no contestando y si regresando el amor, el amor que está inundando mi corazón; tu sabes que soy sincero.

Manolo: Oh Azu Azu please do not slay me by not answering not returning the love, the love that is over-filling my heart; you know my sincerity.

Azucena: No te estoy matando Manolo; ¿vamos, quién soy yo para matarte? Te agradezco los sentimientos que dices, son preciosos para mí.

Azucena: I am not slaying you Manolo; come on, who am I to slay you? I thank you for the sentiments you express, they are precious to me.

Manolo: Entonces di que debemos casarnos; dilo y hazme sentir bien; ¡dime que soy el hombre más feliz en el mundo, por favor Azu, dime!

Manolo: Then say that we are to be marríed; do say it and relieve me; tell me that I am the happiest man in the world, please Azu, tell me!

Azucena: Yo no puedo casarme Manolo; yo ya estoy casada. Cuando yo cumplí quince años, un muchacho de mi pueblo se casó conmigo.

Azucena: I can't marry you Manolo; I am already marríed. When I turned fifteen, a fellow in my village marríed me.

Manolo: ¡Qué! ¿Qué estás diciendo? ¿Cómo puede ser? Hemos hablado mucho tu nunca lo habías mencionado.

Manolo: What! What are you saying? How can that be? We have talked a lot you never mentioned that to me.

Azucena: Mira Manolo es algo privado, solo tuvo que ver conmigo; no se me ocurrió decírtelo; todo paso hace años.

Azucena: Look Manolo it was something private, having to do only with me; it didn't occur to me to say anything to you; it all happened years ago.

Manolo: ¿Bueno, quién es él? ¿Lo amas? ¿Dónde está ahora?

Manolo: Well, who is he? Do you love him? Where is he now?

Azucena: Su nombre no importa. Él se ha ido. Se fue a los Estados Unidos a probar fortuna.

Azucena: His name doesn't matter. He is gone. He went to the United States to try his fortune.

Manolo: ¿Pero tu lo amas? Azucena dime la verdad. Yo debo saber.

Manolo: But do you love him? Azucena tell me the truth. I must know.

Azucena: ¿Si lo amo? No.

Azucena: Do I love him? No.

Manolo: Entonces podemos arreglar anular el matrimonio o cualquier cosa el remedio legal indicado; un abogado nos puede decir del procedimiento.

Manolo: Then we shall arrange to have the marriage annulled or whatever legal remedy is appropriate; a lawyer can advise us as to the procedure.

Azucena: ¿Cuánto tiempo tomaría?

Azucena: How long will that take?

Manolo: No sé; Concertaré una cita para obtener consejos; probablemente el proceso no tomará más allá de unos meses.

Manolo: I don't know; I will make an appointment to get advice; probably the entire process won't take longer than a few months.

Azucena: ¿Hasta entonces, podemos seguir así, Manolo?

Azucena: Can we just keep on as we have until then, Manolo?

Manolo: ¿Sí, claro podemos, querida, por qué preguntas eso?

Manolo: Yes, of course we can, darling, why do you ask that?

Azucena: Ninguna razón.

Azucena: No reason.

Azucena: Voy a guardar estas cosas, Manolo.

Azucena: I am going to put away these things, Manolo.

Manolo: Voy a estudiar las consideraciones legales con respecto al hecho de que fuiste abandonada por tu marido.

Manolo: I am going to look into the legal considerations regarding the fact that you were abandoned by your husband.

Azucena: Bien; voy adentro para ayudarles en la cocina.

Azucena: Fine; I am going to help them in the kitchen

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Triste y alegre a la vez.... - margaretbl, JUL 22, 2010

My mom wanted the big wedding but we put our personal spin on it. I am a nature lover and my husband loves wrestling (WWF, WWE) so we combined our interestes. I had flowers and candles on the tables and for my husband we made each table a different wrestler on the placecards, the kids got blow up wrestling figures, the groomsmen got title belts and we had some cardboard stand up figures people posed with for photos. I never in my wildest dreams would have thought that would have been my wedding but it was unique and everyone still talks about it ten years later. The pictures are fun too!

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