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So I may, so I can, so that I may, etc...

How would you say in spanish "so that I can ... do something"

Like for example, if someone asks:

Bob: Why do you learn spanish?

John: So I can speak. So that I may speak with people.

Why do you eat? So I can get fat.

Why do you read? So that I may learn ...

Why do you exercise? So I can run faster.

Is there a translation for that?

updated JUL 16, 2010
posted by cheeseisyummy

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I would say that there are really two ways of translating that. Whenever you say so that I can do such and such, I would use "para poder." Por qué estudias? Estudio para poder hablar. But you could also translate it para que pueda hablar... But I think that you would use that with the translation "so that I may." That's subjunctive. Why do you read? So that I may learn. Por qué lees? para que yo pueda aprender. I would say that you should use "para poder" when you want to say "so that I can" and use "para que (yo) pueda" when you want to "so that I may." smile

updated JUL 16, 2010
posted by Debiera

= I learn Spanish so that I may be able to speak (Spanish) with other people

= Aprendo español para que pueda hablar español con otras personas

so that I may this grammatical construction is translated with the subjunctive mood

updated JUL 16, 2010
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