What does this mean?"No puede ponerse"

What does this mean?"No puede ponerse"


What does this mean?"No puede ponerse" This phrase is used for telephone. Does this mean No body is picking up the phone?

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In the light of what I have explained below, I would say that: "No puede ponerse"probably means: I cannot get to the phone/answer the phone (right now)

No contesta = No answer/response/reply

No esta en casa = not at home

se ha equivocado = wrong number (it has been incorrectly dialed / you have been mistaken)

Ponerse has a meaning that is used in Spain for the telephone - according to my Oxford Spanish Dictionary:

this is a reflexive construction as Ponerse is a relexive verb

Sentido 3 (Esp) (al teléfono) " ¿Pepe ? sí ahora se pone Pepe"

= Pepe? Yes, I'll just get him for you

Dile a tu madre que se ponga

= Tell your mother I want to speak to her, ask your mother to come to the phone

Corregid mi español, por favor grin

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Muchas gracias!!! - Eri-Chan, JUL 16, 2010
great answer feliz;) - 00494d19, JUL 17, 2010
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Needs more context. "No puede ponerse.... what thing?" Is that how it was said/written?

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I am doing hearing lesson for telephone. I have to choose from Comunica, No contesta, No esta en casa, no puede ponerse, es esa persona, se ha equvocado.... - Eri-Chan, JUL 16, 2010
mader, this is what we say here in spain, no context needed - 00494d19, JUL 17, 2010
Oooh! It's a Spanish idiom, then. Nice. :D - MadderSky, JUL 17, 2010

Maybe 'he can't get it (right now)' meaning he can't come to the phone. Awkward

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LoL! - Jason7R, JUL 16, 2010
jeje, not awkward in Spain, this is what we say, you think directly of a phone context - 00494d19, JUL 17, 2010
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