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Does anyone know a good immersion Spanish school in Costa Rica?


Hi folks. My husband and I are traveling to Costa Rica in January. I am thinking of staying an extra two weeks to get some concentrated Spanish instruction. I understand most of what's being said to me as long as people speak slowly and I understand virtually everything that I read. I can make myself understood when I speak as long as I'm not discussing anything philosophical or detailed, but my grammar leaves tons to be desired and my subjunctive is non-existant. I'm self-taught (and new to SpanishDict) and do well in workbooks that I have picked up, but all of the drills go out the window when I'm in a real-life situation. I know that 2 weeks is not a long time, but we will be running around the country for 2 weeks before that (with me rattling away in my Spanglish). Good thing the Ticos are such wonderful people! Any suggestions?

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I don't know a school, but I do know if you buy Ticos beer they will be your friend and teach you whatever you want to know. Find one that speaks a decent amount of english. smile Sorry I can't be more help, but trust me, beer always works...

updated JUL 16, 2010
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