HomeQ&AHow do you say "human and drug trafficking" in Spanish??

How do you say "human and drug trafficking" in Spanish??


How do you say human trafficking and drug trafficking in Spanish??

Thank you.

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Narcotráfico is more like a generl terms fro drug dealers, arm dealers, and all; if you want to say them both in a separate way, then the terms: "tráfico de drogas" (drug) and "tráfico de personas" (people). Lately, (the Mexican government has been pushing it, I think) the term "trata" or "trato de personas" has been surfacing, but its really new (like a year or so) and it really sounds stupid, in my opinion.

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trata de personas shows up in the translators. I wasn't familiar with it. - KevinB, JUL 15, 2010

"Trata de blancas" is the term for "human traffic" and that is very old my friend, I'm 30 years old and I heard this as an old term when I was a boy, Narcotráfico as the word says Narco from (narcótico) = drug so narcotráfico only stands for drug traffic, and it's no "trato" but "trata" (trata de personas)

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"Trata de blancas" use only for prostitution traffic. - kawalero, AGO 11, 2010

Greetings. Narcotráfico has become the phrase for drug trafficking. I'm not sure about human trafficking. There is an automatic translator on this site that can get you started, but double-check its answers.

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