Use of "lo"

Use of "lo"


Hi your videos are very helpful to me but, on the video she did not explain that much on the usage of lo.

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one of numerous articles on using lo in Spanish

In the lessons you may be discussing its use as an object pronoun however, so here is an article more on that usage:

We have Reference articles on the use of object pronouns (accusative and dative) if that pertains to your question.

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Great links, Q! - Pajaro44, JUL 14, 2010

Lo is a direct or indirect object pronoun that can be used to replace someone or something from a following sentence, once it has been implied. For example:

Tengo un buen amígo, y lo tiene una mascota. - person

¿Puedo tener el dinero? Si, puede tenerlo. - thing

This is an easy way of avoiding redundancy in sentences that use the same object, as either a person receiving something/an action, or the something they are receiving.

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lo as an indirect object? An example, please? - 0074b507, JUL 14, 2010
El perro llevó la pelota al chico---El chico lo devolvió la pelota. - rockdown667, JUL 14, 2010

Welcome to the forum, can you be more specific? Thanksgrin

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