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Afuera vs Fuera


Hi there any one got a categorical answer to the difference between these two?

Is 'fuera' out as in just generally 'we're going out' whereas 'afuera' means outside?

updated ABR 15, 2011
posted by Kiwi-Girl

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We have several previous threads on this. The best answer that I can recall is that you use afuera when movement is perceived.. (Inside the house going outside). Fuera is used on the other occasions. (same with dentro/adentro use adentro when motion is involved).

Don't forget that afueras=outskirts of a town or suburbs

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Hola Jacinta!

Para mí es correcto decir "Mi madre no trabaja fuera de casa." "Estoy fuera de la oficina".

Según tengo entendo, afuera se usa con verbos que implican movimiento. "Se dirigió/caminó hacia afuera"

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Fuera is out. For example: Fuera de control. Fuera de is the preposition out.

Afuera means outside as in out of the house in the fresh air.

We're going out would be Saldremos (if you're referring to the future) or salimos, or saldremos/salimos a la calle. I wouldn't say Iremos/vamos afuera if you mean going out to go walk around or anything like that.

updated JUL 14, 2010
posted by maripositaxx

Thanx guys - I don't really know how I got this far along and never seemed to have used fuera - only afuera but it's good to get a clearer understanding smile

Muchas gracias por sus ayuda!

updated JUL 14, 2010
posted by Kiwi-Girl
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