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After I finish the lessons what level of Spanish will I be?


First off, I really like this site. How much will I learn here going from absolute beginner(which is somewhat of a lie but it's not far off) to the end? Obviously I know you only get what you put in, but if I put in an outstanding effort will I KNOW spanish? Also I can't view the videos because of my internet connection. Is that going to be a problem down the line?

Second question. Is there a search for these forums? I was looking for one the other day so I wouldn't duplicate a question and didn't find one.

Third question and the reason for search... Will there be an Android application for this site? I see one for the iPhone. Also if so how much will you be able to do with it? The whole site would be great but if not Flashcards would be truly awesome in itself.

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I'd say you will be an advanced beginner. The lessons cover a lot, but you really need to do a lot of practicing and application of the material. Terms like that are vague and subjective, though. There are people here who list their Spanish level as 'advanced' who are much worse at Spanish that people who list their level as 'intermediate.' It also depends to a large degree on what else you do in addition to the lessons. For example, you will be miles ahead of someone who just does the lessons if you practice outside of the lessons, find someone to talk to in Spanish, watch movies or TV in Spanish, read the paper in Spanish, make a list of words you come across and learn them, etc. At first, some of these things will go right over your head, but you can get Spanish children's books and audio things for beginners, and eventually you will be able to understand things meant for normal Spanish speakers. As with many things, what you put in has a lot to do with what you get out. I don't know about there being an Android app for SD. It has been suggested a few times, but I don't know if it's being worked on. It will probably be announced if it is. As for not being able to watch the videos, it's been a while since I did any lessons, but as I recall, that's where the information you need to do much of the other parts of the lesson are imparted. Maybe you could use a computer at your local library. If not, you can probably find something explaining the lesson somewhere on the internet and work with the flashcards. Megan has addressed your question of where the search function is. It is a bit hidden, I admit. Note that it only searches the forum, though, not the whole site.

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When you say you can't view your videos because of your Internet Connection.. do you mean:

1 You don't have a connection, 2 It is slow or 3 It malfunctions ?

Have you tried using a different broswer eg Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to access the internet?

While you don't have to view the videos you are likley to miss out on so much of the excellent teaching that Paralee offers you here free of charge.and you will find it very hard to test yourself based solely on the Flashcard information available You can use the resources available by hovering your mouse over the tab/s and then clicking on the resource in which you are interested. It maybe that you need to install/ reinstall Quick Flash or Adobe Flash so you can view video formats like the one on SpanishDict. I am not an expert on such things so hopefully one of the admin staff here who are all volunteers will be able to advise you

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My connection is slow. It would take hours to view the 15 minute video. - Atomic, JUL 14, 2010

Not sure about your other questions, but there is a search. If you click on the "Answers" tab, right underneath the "Categories" and RSS feed (an orange button) there is a search bar. Don't feel bad for not seeing, it's hidden. lol

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Doh! I see it heh. An elusive little critter.

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