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Crazy "mango" that penetrated my soul


I was at my Mexican friend's house yesterday, and she gave me what she called a mango, though it was like no mango I have ever seen. I am wondering if it is indeed a mango as we say in English, or if it means something else in Spanish? (such as the regionalism of limon vs. lima for lemon and lime). All mangos I have ever seen in the U.S. were fairly round, hard, with green and red splotches. This "mango" was orangey yellow, shaped a bit like a pear or a lop-sided football, and had the texture inside of a peach. It smelled very, very strong and in fact I have been smelling it nonstop everywhere I go since I ate it, as if it was still under my nose... It had a very very bitter peeling (they didn't peel them, they were biting into them, eating the flesh, and spitting the peeling back out) and they waited a little late to tell me not to eat that part... haha. Is this just some different variation of the regular mango? Or a different fruit all together?

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posted by SavviVague

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These are just a few samples. You can find the same species, and several others, in most of the Tropics. And they can vary very widely in texture, color smell and flavor. Nevertheless, they are all mangoes!

alt text

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Yes that's a mango smile Delicioso no! It sounds like the ones we used to get in Australia, soooo good - we used to buy them by the box!

Did your friend teach you how to cut it for ease of eating? Here's an example -


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posted by Kiwi-Girl
They didn't cut theirs! They all just bit into it whole, and spit back out the peeling. - SavviVague, JUL 13, 2010
This is a nice way to eat them. Cut off the two cheeks and without cutting through the skin, divide like the picture. Someone can suck the pip too - better not waste any of the delicious goodness :) - Kiwi-Girl, JUL 14, 2010

What you ate is absolutely a Mango.

alt text

I have a bunch of them in sitting here on my kitchen table in Mexico City.

Don't eat the skin.

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Yeees, I learned not to eat the skin the hard way! haha. It was very good.. nothing like mangos here - SavviVague, JUL 13, 2010
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