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Best way to continue learning Spanish?


I started learning a little Spanish in gradeschool and continued to have some every year until my Junior year of highschool, so I got through Spanish 3. After that I went to college and forgot a lot of it, especially since the Spanish 3 class was in such a rush to teach us all the tenses I forgot all by the present tense.

Now...I am 23 and living in Honduras. I have been here for about 8 months and have about 5 months to go and will probably be returning after a couple months for another 10 months and may make living here a life time thing, so it is important to me to speak Spanish well.

I can understand a lot, and 99% of what someone is saying to me if they are actually saying it to me (not like a long boring speech where my attention wanders) and I can say just about anything I want to, but I want to be able to say it well. I know the present, preterate, imperfect, and future tenses and am working on a couple others. I still get a bit confused sometimes about stem chances and such though.

I also want to work on my accent, which isn't bad, but I want to sound more natural. I know I will always have a North American accent, but if I can make it more elegant I would like to do so...

So, what would be some ways I could continue on learning and speed up the process?

updated JUL 13, 2010
posted by Senoritasarita

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You can help with the local ESL classes when you get back home. That way you can keep talking with native Spanish speakers while at the same time help them to learn Spanish. Here are some other things I do: There are Spanish-speaking folks at the barn where I keep my horses. I have a deal with them: they fix my Spanish and I fix their English. I buy the same book in Spanish and English, for example, I have all the Harry Potter books, Charlotte's Web, the Bible etc. and I place them side by side and read them paragraph by paragraph. Often (and I know this is corny, but it works) my husband and I will each take a book and one reads the Spanish, then the other the English. We switch every few pages.

updated JUL 13, 2010
posted by Echoline
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