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me gusta-me gustan ?????


that is my question 1-me gusta-gustan bailar y mi madre 2-me gusta-gustan bailar y cocinar 3-me gusta-gustan los padres y nadar 4-me gusta-gustan bailar y mis hermanas

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Gustar, like many other verbs, is reflexive. In the sentence, Me gusta bailar, bailar is actually the subject and you (me) are the indirect object. You could actually roughly translate it as Dancing is enjoyable to me. When there is more than one thing that is enjoyable to you, you must move to the plural form of the verb, such as Me gustan bailar y cocinar. Since Bailar y cocinar are the subject, and two different things, you need the plural. If the subject is pleasing to someone else, like your mom, you go with Le. Cooking is pleasing to her would equal Le (inderect) gusta cocinar. Again, if two different things, Le gustan cocinar y Bailar.

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Everything is correct except that gustar is not reflexive. Reflexive verbs are things one does to oneself. In this case me, le, and les are object pronouns. - KevinB, JUL 13, 2010
Gustar may not be a reflexive verb as such, but it does act like one (to me), and I find DonK's explanation to be a good one. Thanks for that explanation. - RolloMartins, ABR 17, 2013

It doesn't matter whether the things doing the pleasing are verbs or nouns. Gustar has to match the number of things:

Me gusta bailar.

Me gustan mis hermanas.

Me gustan bailar y mi madre.

Me gustan los Padres y nadar.

Me gustan los Padres y mis hermanas.

The exception is that GUSTAR followed by infinitives is always singular, no matter how many infinitives there are:

Me gusta bailar y cocinar

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Thank you very much......... grin

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