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es q solo ablo sphanis


probably misspelled what did she say?

updated JUL 14, 2010
posted by tucsonvirgin

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It's just that I only speak Spanish.

And the real phrase in Spanish would sound: Es que sólo hablo español.

updated JUL 16, 2010
edited by swing
posted by swing
Wow, yes, that was misspelled! Great job, Swing. - --Mariana--, JUL 13, 2010
thanks, Marianne ;) - swing, JUL 13, 2010
Well deciphered Swing lol - FELIZ77, JUL 13, 2010

¿Y cómo reacionas, Swing, a preguntas como esta? Por mi parte, las preguntas inumerables que escriben los angloparlantes (llenos de errores de vocabulario o de ortografía) me fastidian mucho. En mi opinión los que son incapces o a quienes faltan las ganas de aprender su propria lengua, tampoco son capaces de aprender una segunda lengua (proque han mostrado una indefernecia completa a la manera de hablar).

Me pregunto, ¿es posible aprender una segunda lengua y hablarla mejor que su lengua maternal?

updated JUL 14, 2010
posted by samdie
Creo que no - FELIZ77, JUL 13, 2010
I will answer in English now. As I am just learning, I can call it still interesting and not bothering, reading those misspelled sentences. This is how I check my own knowledge. But I totally understand you as misspelled my native or English languages - swing, JUL 14, 2010
always catch my eye. - swing, JUL 14, 2010
I also think that no. Good notice. - swing, JUL 14, 2010

Very annoying for someone trying to learn to read and/or speak Spanish.

True, ker, we do not allow this on this sitewink

updated JUL 13, 2010
posted by 00494d19

Was that text or chat on the computer? I see many of my Mexican friends type just like that on Facebook and in text messages. Very annoying for someone trying to learn to read and/or speak Spanish.

updated JUL 13, 2010
posted by kerflop
Yes I quite agree the standard of written language for so many languages has deteriorated as a result of text talk - FELIZ77, JUL 13, 2010
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