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How would you say. Spain is the bed of my language and faith?


Just want a clear way to convey that Spain brought the Spanish language and Catholic faith to Latin America. As in, Spain is the seed bed of my language and faith. Thanks.

updated JUL 13, 2010
posted by telmita

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Well I doubt whether they would use "bed" in this instance, maybe "foundation?"

España es la fundación/el establecimiento de mi fe/confianza.

But what the heck. I´ve been wrong many times before.

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Eddy, creo que tengas razón - FELIZ77, JUL 12, 2010
Perhaps thinking of "bedrock"? - samdie, JUL 12, 2010
Samdie ,yes, I think you may well be correct about that ! - FELIZ77, JUL 12, 2010
actually Bed rock implies a sold, fundamental belief or principle, where as, seed bed indicates a foundation. - telmita, JUL 13, 2010

How would you say. Spain is the bed of my language and faith? I believe that you could say, either:

= 1 España es la fundación de mi lengua y confianza or

= 2. España es la fundación de mi idioma* y fe

Perhaps you could even say: 'mi lengua y confianza vienen de España'

or based on fuente :

España es la fuente de mi idioma y fe

There may be other ways to say what you would like to say, too I I prefer the first two

Corregid mi español, si necesario, por favor

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También podrías usar "la cuna", "the cradle".

Good luck.

updated JUL 12, 2010
posted by LuisaGomezBartle

I think they would more commonly use the word "fuente" meaning source or I guess you could say foundation.La fuente de una investigación is the source of the investigation, but is also the "Foundation" of the found evidence.

updated JUL 13, 2010
posted by rockdown667
Thanks for you help. "cuna" was the term, I thought I had heard once and couldn't recall. - telmita, JUL 12, 2010
Telmita it was actually LuisaGomez who gave you the word 'La cuna' not Rockdown - FELIZ77, JUL 12, 2010
Wonderful. Thank you, all the responses were informative. - telmita, JUL 13, 2010
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