How can I study spanish well?

How can I study spanish well?


Hi. I am beginner I don't know how to study Spanish. What should I do?

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Are you trying to teach yourself? I'm assuming so, otherwise you would have things from class to study. So...

I would recommend starting with the "Learn Spanish 1" lessons on this site. Do them at your own pace and review the vocabulary often so it sticks. This site is also very helpful for answering any questions that come up as you begin learning and seeing things that confuse you or that you need help with.

Incorporate the language into your daily life. No matter how helpful SpanishDict is, you did not learn your first language on a website. You learned by speaking, pointing at things and slowly learning the words, asking questions, messing up and being corrected, etc. So, label your door "puerta" and say the word every time you open your door. Do things to incorporate the words that you learn through the flashcards here into your life, so that they become more to you than words on a screen. That is truly the best way to learn any language, like a baby learns.

Hope that little bit of advice gives you a starting place! I learned through a class at school though, so maybe you can talk to some people on here who are teaching themselves. Good luck!!! You can do it!

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Paralee has great teaching videos here on SpanishDict.com, use them. A book to supplement and make verbs more organized is Soanish Verb Tenses by Richmond. The book will help organize thoughts and starts at the beginning. Get the 2nd edition and use the online support at McGraw Hill. There are flashcards on SpanishDict to supplement the book, the page numbers are from the first book, so they may not exactly match up. Look under the user who created them for more info. Buen suerte.

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Im asumming you already have an account here on spanishdict.com . So to learn spanish you should try clicking on learn spanish at the top of the page whenm you log in . Since your a beginner , i would recommend starting at Learn Spanish 1 . Which has 15 lessons to the chapter . After you accumulate 750 points for each lesson , you will be able to move on to the next lesson . After you accumulate 750 points out of all the 15 lessons then you will be able to move on to the next chapter , and will be one step closer to being advanced in spanish . Hope this helps you ! Good luck with the spanish ! cheese

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