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Hey Everybody,

I was reading a Spanish Children's book and inside they mentioned one of the characters as "la negra Eufemia". What does it mean???

-Thanks, Vivi

updated JUL 19, 2010
posted by Vivi0808

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Welcome to the forum, Vivi.

The character's name is Eufemia and she is black. In Spanish, "la negra" would merely be an observation on skin color, such a "la blanca" or "la mestiza". There is no other connotation.

updated JUL 19, 2010
posted by mountaingirl123
Yes, but why make the distinction? Is this something done regularly ? - Vivi0808, JUL 19, 2010
Hola, It really common. El negro, flaco, gordo, pelón, etc... - LuisaGomezBartle, JUL 19, 2010
Correction: it's - LuisaGomezBartle, JUL 19, 2010

Desde mi punto de vista, probablamente la palabra Eufemia o Ephemia este basanda en las griegas palabras Euf: buen y phemia: fama.

Asi que cuando decimos "la negra Eufemia" , hablamos para un hombre de fama mala.


As I see it, probably the word Eufemia or Ephemia is based on the greek words Euf: good and phemia: fame.

So when we say "la negra Eufemia", we speak about a man/woman that has a bad fame.

updated JUL 19, 2010
posted by JorgeViento
On the contrary, "Eufemia" would suggest a person well regarded (spoken of). "negra" simply means dark-complected (possibly, negro). - samdie, JUL 11, 2010
I hope it doesn't mean bad fame, the book that I pulled this info from is a children's book. I think I like samidie's version better. - Vivi0808, JUL 19, 2010

Thanks guys!!! grin

updated JUL 19, 2010
posted by Vivi0808
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