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How would I say 'I would stay for longer?"


i am answering the question 'si podrás volver ¿harías algo differente? if you could return, would you do anything different? and i have already said yes i would visit the museums i didn't have time to see, but i wanted to say and i would stay for longer, would 'permancería para más tiempo' fit the bill? thanks L

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The question "Si pudieras volver, ¿harías algo diferente?" or "Si pudieras regresar, ¿cambiarías algo de tu horario?" would be answered in the conditional, such as you have done. You could say "Permanecería por más tiempo" or "Me quedaría por más tiempo".

You need "por" instead of "para" because "por" mean "for" when you are talking about length of time.

Just an added note - since this is a learning site for learners of both Spanish and English, the forum appreciates proper spelling and capitalization, etc., in both languages.


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Yo estaría mas tiempo .

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Better. I would stay longer or I would stay for a longer time. I would stay for longer sounds odd to me. - 0074b507, JUL 12, 2010
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