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The words of Daddy Yankee song


Why is Daddy Yankee song in this type of order No Me Dejes solo? Because in english it's Don't leaves me alone do like the noun or pronoun comes before something?

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It is a command: "Don't leave me alone." Commands with reflexive verbs are just ordered like that. Here's a link to an explanation of commands with .

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There is no reflexive usage here. To be reflexive "te" would have to be the reflexive pronoun to match the "you" subject. - No te dejes solo. Do not leave yourself alone. - 0074b507, JUL 11, 2010

Actually the reason why the object pronoun comes before the verb, rather than after it, as it would in English is because it is a negative command. (Do not do something). If it had been an affirmative command, the pronoun would have followed the verb (actually be attached to the verb) as complements are in English.

Most English statements are subject, verb, then complement. Spanish doesn't share that rigid ordering. The complements often precede the verb and subjects often follow the verb. (I believe they use that syntax, just to confuse us anglo's. I can picture the members of the R A E sitting around the conference table laughing about how their rules confound English speakers).

Affirmative command

Déjame solo.

Negative command.

No me dejes solo.

updated JUL 11, 2010
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