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What is the correct way to say "I don't know" in spanish?

Yo no sé o No lo sé

updated JUL 16, 2010
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Your question:.How do you say,I don't know in Spanish?

= No sé

Sé comes the verb saber = to know a fact There are two verbs in Spanish meaning to know the other verb isConocer which means to know a person or a place

You seldom need to use personal pronouns as the verbs are already conjugated for each person eg sé can only be for 1st person yo = I, sabes = tu* = you (familiar) etc...

I know it

= Lo sé ( Can also be translated as la if noun it is replacing as drect object is feminine eg la casa)

I don't know **it

= No lo

I hope that this helps grin

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I would use "no lo sé" referring to a specific fact or something that was recently brought up in conversation. Such as:

"¿Sabes qué tiempo hará mañana?" "Do you know what the weather will be tomorrow?"

"Lo siento, no lo sé."

It's not wrong to say no sé there. I think it's just more common in that type of situation to include lo.

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No sé.

You don't need the 'yo' because 'sé' can only mean (I) and no lo sé means I don't know it. smile

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