what is this word used for,or what is it's meaning.

what is this word used for,or what is it's meaning.


The word circuncision in spanish,what is it's meaning and what is it used for? Thank You Pastor Joe Robles

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Our dictionary mention other contexts than the Jewish custom regarding males, but I'm having problems finding a reference online.

This is the Jan. 1 festival mentioned in our dictionary: Feast_of_the_Circumcision_of_Christ

I found some earlier references to historical Ottoman Festivals, but they still were celebrating the circumcision of a Shah's son, etc. Of course there are similar rights of passage into manhood in a variety of cultures around the world.

From your title I would guess there is no need to mention the symbolic meaning of the ritual concerning the covenant between Abraham or Israel and God. If it has any different meaning in the Spanish culture it is unknown to me. Let's wait for a native to explain it to us.

R A E circuncisión

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