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Recent change to voting point cap?


It was my understanding that voting up a question or answer netted the voter 1 point up to the first 10 points (or max of 10 voting points) in a 24 hour period, as long as the voter has not reached the 200 point max for that 24 hour period.

Is there another cap that isn't talked about? Like a weekly (- just trying to think of an example) limit on voting points?

I thought maybe the 1-pt-per might have fallen off when reaching the 5k level ('who needs 1 point at that level' makes sense) but I found where an 11K'er got a pt.

And since the 11k'er did get that point, it would mean that voting points haven't been turned off across the board as I had originally thought.

I don't need the points. I celebrated (quietly) when I got to 4K and no longer had to compete with the ads for my computer time. My sincere thanks to everyone that helped that happen.

But I hate to give anyone wrong information and I have been telling new members that voting up q&a gets them points as well.

Was there a change? Was there an announcement? Has anyone else noticed?

I debated (with me, myself, and I) submitting this to just Tech but on the off chance that it might help Tech to know where it is occurring (if not across the board) I decided to ask for additional input

updated JUL 8, 2010
posted by LateToDinner

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Sometimes I notice strange variations in point tabulation that seem random. Yesterday I saw someone's flashcard score come up as a question on the site. It's all about the learning.

updated JUL 8, 2010
posted by nizhoni1
But you are still getting vote-up points ... so far you are an exception - LateToDinner, JUL 8, 2010
at times I get points subtracted for voting and being voted up. others have noted the same. there are a lot of threads about the mystery of reputation points - nizhoni1, JUL 8, 2010

I'm not sure if I get points anymore for voting up people. I do it so much (like a hundred a day) that maybe the system can't catch up?

updated JUL 8, 2010
posted by --Mariana--
If you already have the 200-24hr-max, there is no catch up, and that is where you normally hang out. - LateToDinner, JUL 8, 2010
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