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Earlier I posted "Eso intento" (intentar - to try ,to attempt) and asked if it was OK to use it this way to mean "That's what I'm trying to do" or "I'm trying to do that". Now I wonder about this format in general (Eso + Conjugated verb) and I see "Eso trato" that seems to mean the same thing as Eso intento because it's a shortened form of Eso trato de hacer. Is Eso trato good to use like this? What other verbs can be used in the "Eso......." sense to mean more than just "that......." Gracias.

updated SEP 12, 2010
posted by jeezzle
Good question. I have seen "Eso pensé" for "That's what I thought" (the same movie -- Kung Fu Panda -- used "Eso creo" {that I believe} for "I guess so", which was also interesting.) - webdunce, JUL 8, 2010
My take, this ESO works more or less like LO. Lo intento (I am attempting it). Eso intento (I am attempting that). I get the feeling that both LO and ESO can be used to mean "all of that there what you just said" (to use a little southern vernacular). - webdunce, JUL 8, 2010
I would generally use "Eso es lo que trato" ... because my mind wants to do a word-for-word translation. In this case, I don't think it would matter one way or the other. - webdunce, JUL 8, 2010

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Tratar de hacer = intentar

updated JUL 8, 2010
posted by kawalero
"Eso trato"-> is a short answer for a question for try something, for that not use hacer. The long answer is "Eso trato de hacer" - kawalero, JUL 8, 2010
Only "trato" es manejar y usar algo, pero no necesariamente intentarlo hacer. - kawalero, JUL 8, 2010
Exemple: "Hoy trato con amigos", is not possible "Hoy intento con amigos" . - kawalero, JUL 8, 2010
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