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how will i know my code in order to verify my account?


i will verify my account so that my account will be shown in public. but i dont my code yet..How will i know my code..

updated JUL 23, 2010
posted by wilmee

2 Answers

  1. you have just got the message to go to your email to verify your account(tab the page with spanishdict verify your account page)
  2. go log in to your email account( if the message from spanishdict isn't there wait 5 minutes and it will be there)
  3. now, go and see what your code is on your email from spanishdict
  4. copy your code and go back on your tab on spanishdict verify your account page and you will be logged in to have an account

Hope that helped wink

updated JUL 23, 2010
posted by jolt

It was emailed to you when you registered, using the email address you used to join.

If you don't see an email from SpanishDict, check to see if it got caught in your Spam.

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updated JUL 8, 2010
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posted by LateToDinner
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