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Can someone help to translate the following into espanol, thanks

I hope you and your family are safe. The news here shows that Monterrey has horrible (terrible) flooding.

My thoughts are with you & your family.

updated JUL 7, 2010
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Hi there, I just fixed the English a little :) - Kiwi-Girl, JUL 7, 2010
Sorry!, I was not clearer! English -> Spanish Translateion please hehehe - toxsickshaun, JUL 7, 2010
This is a comma splice in both languages - 003487d6, JUL 7, 2010
Dandi, can you explain what you mean in detail? thanks - toxsickshaun, JUL 7, 2010
You have three complete sentences here but only one period. :) Separating them by three periods is needed for both languages. - 003487d6, JUL 7, 2010
This would usually cause problems when translating? Periods are better? - toxsickshaun, JUL 7, 2010
It is gramatically incorrect and would be easier to understand with the periods. :) - 003487d6, JUL 7, 2010

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Espero que usted y su familia estén seguros, las noticias aquí muestran que Monterrey tiene la inundación terrible, mis pensamientos están con usted y su familia.

further to the comments below - if it's a message to friends of yours - use the tú form

Espero que tú y tu familia estén seguros. Las noticias aquí muestran que Monterrey tiene la inundación terrible. Mis pensamientos están contigo y tu familia.

updated JUL 7, 2010
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experimenta=experiencing terrible flooding?? - 0074b507, JUL 7, 2010
Thanx Quentin, it is ok to use either tener or experimentar though isn't it? http://www.wordreference.com/es/translatioexperience2 verbo transitivo ‹loss/setback/delays› sufrir; ‹difficulty› tener(conj.⇒); ‹change/improvement/pleasure/pain› experimentar - Kiwi-Girl, JUL 7, 2010

Thankyou everyone!

I love SpanishD!CT...

Muy bueno y Gracias!

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posted by toxsickshaun

I am always unclear, with USTED?

When used with a friend, Usted is still used? or to use tu?

also I confused exactly what it means "Estan con usted?" and when to use it? 2 friends would use Estan con usted?

updated JUL 7, 2010
posted by toxsickshaun
Use tú with your friends - 003487d6, JUL 7, 2010
Thank-you - toxsickshaun, JUL 7, 2010
If you are speaking to two people or more then you can say "Está con ustedes." whether they are your friends or not. - 003487d6, JUL 7, 2010
We use the same phrase in English. My thoughts "are with you". A more formal tone is used to connote sincerity, sobriety, etc. for things like condolences. We are not asking someone oover for a family barbeque. This is a solemn statement. - 0074b507, JUL 7, 2010
To use Usted or Ustedes, Estas con usted?.. This pushes more sincerity into the sentence? - toxsickshaun, JUL 7, 2010
I should have said "estáN con ustedes" above. - 003487d6, JUL 7, 2010
Really q? You think they would switch from tú to usted? - 003487d6, JUL 7, 2010
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