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I'm having trouble with this construction, which I use all the time in english. Since, in the sense of "Since I'm leaving, ..." or "Since the man did not show up" or "However, since I don't have any money left... What is used in this case? I'm sure I could use "porque" and be understood but I don't think this is what a native speaker would use. Some other possibilities I came across are "Ya que", "por esta razón", but I'm not sure if either of these fits either.

Thanks! I have tons of questions today.

updated JUL 30, 2010
posted by luke77

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Here's some example with 'ya que' that might help confirm your thoughts: smile

Since you can't go, can I have your ticket?

Ya que no puedes ir ¿me das tu entrada?

Since you're so clever...,

Ya que eres tan listo...

You can also use 'como' in certain phrases:

Pero como tuve que tomar el puente para llegar el centro ....

But since I had to take the bridge to get to the city centre ....

And if that's not enough choices - there's always: Since

pues, como quiera que, dado que, desde luego que, en vista de que, por cuanto, porque, pues que, puesto que, supuesto que, toda vez que, tomando en cuenta que

updated JUL 30, 2010
posted by Kiwi-Girl

They all fit...I think you have a good grasp of the usage.

updated JUL 30, 2010
posted by 00813f2a

In my mind the "because" you are looking for here is "a causa de que".

updated JUL 30, 2010
posted by jeezzle
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