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Morbo, did you feel that?


Didn't register quite as high on the scale as yours, but it got people running for the doors!

alt text

updated JUL 22, 2010
posted by LateToDinner
Is that an effect from everyone in Spain jumping up and down at the same time? - 0074b507, JUL 7, 2010
Ha - TheSilentHero, JUL 7, 2010
Guess I can skip the news tonight, I already know about the partying in Spain and the broken glass in Borrego Springs! - LateToDinner, JUL 7, 2010
As long as it is not an entry in Annie's A-Z instructions game : Tear along the dotted line. - LateToDinner, JUL 7, 2010
Okay, it has turned blue, no longer red, we can delete this now, I was just sharing. - LateToDinner, JUL 7, 2010

3 Answers


Do you really get used to it?

I can't begin to imagine what it must feel like.

updated AGO 12, 2010
posted by fontanero
One of my close relatives is from Chile. They constantly have earthquakes over there, although obviously not all as dramatic as the recent one that caused a lot of destruction. Anyway, she's used to them. Recently there was a strong (but undamaging) .... - Gekkosan, JUL 8, 2010
...quake where we are now. I jumped out of my bed when I felt that everything was moving. I went around the house to make sure that everything and everyone was ok. She was sound asleep. Next day I asked her about the quake. She said: "Quake? Really? ... - Gekkosan, JUL 8, 2010
Wow..that's scary. - --Mariana--, JUL 8, 2010
...Oh, I vaguely recall feeling something, yes. But that was nothing to worry about, so I carried on sleeping." - Gekkosan, JUL 8, 2010
England gets one occaisionally, but its so rare its big news. - fontanero, JUL 8, 2010
Yes, in a way, we get used to it. As Gekkosan said, if it happens in the middle of the night and it's a mild one, we just go back to sleep. Some may not even notice it. The strong ones are something else though. - Rikko, JUL 9, 2010
We have been fortunate not to suffer too many "natural" disasters. - fontanero, JUL 9, 2010

Morbo won't be back until Monday.

updated JUL 22, 2010
posted by 00813f2a
I would kinda like it to have stopped shaking long before that! - LateToDinner, JUL 7, 2010
Yeah, morbo would be shake and bake by then. - 00813f2a, JUL 7, 2010
We are constantly flying through space and nobody seems to mind - 00813f2a, JUL 7, 2010
It is all so relative isn't it. Maybe even 'hurtling through space'. Would that equate to 'avanza por el espacio'? - LateToDinner, JUL 7, 2010
Viajando por el espacio...volando por el espacio...atravesando el espacio... - 00813f2a, JUL 7, 2010
Is that why my hair sticks out? - nizhoni1, JUL 7, 2010
bailando por el espacio! - sagiia, JUL 22, 2010

LateToDinner, my friend in the Ring, thanks for the unpleasant reminder. big surprise shock LOL

updated JUL 8, 2010
posted by Rikko
Sorry, wasn't thinking of it that way. Around here, the sun came up, and, we had an earthquake. Common happenings and I only mentioned this one because it was the biggest I've noticed since Easter. - LateToDinner, JUL 7, 2010
For us Ring members, every earthquake elsewhere gets us to thinking: "are we next?" jejeje - Rikko, JUL 7, 2010
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