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Proofreading about pretérito imperfecto


Hello spanish learners and native speakers!!

I have writing which contains lots of imperfecto tense and I need a proofreading, I will be so appreciated if I can get any help. Thank you. Here it is:

Cuando era un niño, vivía en Ankara. Mi familia también vivían allí. Estaba el mejor estudiante de la escuela. Conseguía las más altas notas de examenes de todos los estudiantes. Jugaba fútbol bien pero no de baloncesto. En los veranos, ibamos a la costa y me bañaba en el mar todos los días. Viajabamos muchas ciudades y escuchabamos los canciones populares en coche. Me antojo aquellos días del pasado.

What I wanted to say here is the following:

When I was a child, I was living in Diyarbak?r. My family was also living there. I was the best student in the school. I was getting the highest marks of all the students in exams. I was playing football well but not basketball. In summers, we were going to the seaside and I was swimming in the sea everyday. We were travelling lots of cities and were listening popular songs in car. I yearn for those days of the past.

updated JUL 7, 2010
posted by panzerkampf

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I agree with María Claire -- Era el mejor estudiante

las notas más altas

Jugaba bien al fútbol pero no al baloncesto

I think that I might just say "Los veranos ibamos...

I yearn - anhelo or suspiro por

Let's see what others add.

updated JUL 7, 2010
posted by Delores--Lindsey

Well I'll kick it off with 'cuando era niño' you don't need the article 'un' smile

Also 'familia' is singular so it would be vivía not vivían smile

See what everyone else says too but I think I would be inclined to put: Yo era el mejor alumno en la escuela - instead of estaba, if you stayed that way that is.

updated JUL 7, 2010
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posted by Kiwi-Girl
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