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Is anyone else having problems creating flashcards?


Many times recently the flashcard app has crashed, losing my entries. Three times it has managed to create flashcard sets that hang my browser. I can't even open them to delete them. It's done this from different computers, so I'm pretty sure it's not the computer.

updated JUL 6, 2010
posted by KevinB

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Have you tried using different browsers? The servers here at SpanishDict are known to behave erratically with different browsers while performing different functions.

If that doesn't help you may have to try again at a different time. Depending on load and resources available problems on this site seem to come and go. As soon as someone brings one up, it cures itself (as load/resources change) and disappears. (not to downplay the role of the technical staff at resolving problems).

I just created a test set (using Firefox browser) and it worked flawlessly.

updated JUL 6, 2010
edited by 0074b507
posted by 0074b507
I use Firefox, too. It will save the set, maybe several times, as I add words. Then the Flash plug-in will crash and I have to kill Firefox with the task manager. - KevinB, JUL 5, 2010
Any unusual formatting/punctuation that the program can't handle when you try to save it? - 0074b507, JUL 6, 2010
Not that I'm aware of. Just letters and tildes. - KevinB, JUL 6, 2010
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