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Please help with a masculine/feminine article issue.


In a Santana song ("Corazon Espinado"), he uses a feminine article for the word amor. I thought it was supposed to be masculine??

updated JUL 5, 2010
posted by troberts

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Probably just a mistake, because if it were a feminine noun, then it would fall under the category of feminine words that begin with a stressed "a" and would take the masculine article anyway. So no matter which gender amor could be, it should be "el" amor. Are you sure that the "la" was being used as an article with amor, and not being used to refer back to another previous noun?

According to the lyrics on this site it is "el" amor? Are you sure that you heard it correctly?

[corazón espinado][1]

[1]: http://www.lyrics007.com/Santana Lyrics/Corazon Espinado Lyrics.html

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updated JUL 5, 2010
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