¿Qué significa Identidad al son de guerra?

¿Qué significa Identidad al son de guerra?


an article entitled Identidad al son de guerra about the history of Uruguay appears in my magazine and I would like to know how this title would translate in English

Thank you

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I've corrected the spelling of Uruguay as suggested. Spanish moderate, keyboard sklls need attention - MaureenPeters, JUL 23, 2010

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Welcome to Spanishdict!

Does "identity struggle" fit the story?

You mention history so I am guessing you are not talking Soccer. Good, because I don't speak soccer, very well.

But little (only geographically speaking - no offense intended) Uruguay, sandwiched between Brazil and Argentina has long had an identity struggle (crises?)

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Thank you, identity struggle sort of fits, I´d got as far as Identity to the sound of war as it was an article about the demographic struggles of Uruguay and certainly NOTHING to do with football - MaureenPeters, JUL 5, 2010
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